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POP Archives Ephemera: Say No! More

Welcome to a new category of articles where I clean out some of the one-off materials that I can't explain beyond, "Look, a thing mentioned or shows an archives! And done!"

It also buys me some time while I write a longer article, so take that poor time management skills!

Anyway, Say No! More is a 2021 video game from Studio Fizbin where you play as a customizable Intern starting at a Corporation where you are told to always say Yes! to whatever tasks/requests/orders are given to you because you're on the lowest wrung of the ladder and you have no power over yourself as a person because Capitalism. But after your Supervisor literally takes your lunch - including your super awesome unicorn lunchbox - and you listen to a self-help cassette that teaches you how to say NO!, the game becomes a wild ride up the corporate ladder as the Intern uses their weaponized self actualization to get their lunchbox back...and upend the institutional power structure.

In Chapter 6 of the game, subtitled District Nein, the Intern finds themself in a jail cell within the building after a confrontation with the CEO. With the help of a fellow intern, they escape and break out of the prison, leading them straight into the Archives.

[Note: All screencaps were acquired from Barry Kramer's BarryWasStreaming channel on YouTube.]

In keeping with most corporate settings, the Archives is full of shelves with the same uniform composition of books and binders with some disks and a whole bunch of printers lining the main row. I'm also 90% sure the Archives and the jail are in the basement. Call it a very well informed hunch.

After saying No! to a couple people, the Intern is then whisked away to a duel with the Staring Contest Champion - don't ask - and upon besting them in their secret dungeon - I said Don't. Ask. - the Intern returns to the brick and mortar basement where they meet another employee who asks some very important questions:

And that's the end of anything involving the Archives in the game. I don't have a whole lot more to add other than the game is very silly and fun and it's only $15 on Steam, so go support a cool indie game, if you're into that kind of thing!


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