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Special Announcement: POP Archives on YouTube

I'll keep this short and sweet, but we now have a channel on YouTube!! And there's a video already posted!

Yes, in the spirit of absolutely giving myself severe anxiety about my appearance and voice, a YouTube channel has been created in the hopes of reaching more eyes and ears through the power of video. The video posted is a companion to the forthcoming article about horror audio dramas and the archives and features one of my best friends, Rachel, helping me sort ideas out in my head while recapping six different podcasts. There's plenty of information that won't end up in the article either, so if you want my personal opinions on The Magnus Archives, Archive 81, The Storage Papers, the SCP Archives, The White Vault, and the Scarab Archives, then the video will be your best resource.

I will say that the video is very raw and roughly edited because I have many skills, but video editing isn't one of them - at least not yet.

So, if you'd be so kind, please click on the button below, check out the channel, like and subscribe, and we'll see what comes of this experiment in the future!


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